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The democratic conversation - new challenges, new opportunities

The democratic conversation has always been a key element in a well-functioning public sphere (Dewey, Koch, Habermas, Mansbridge and others). The democratic dialogue is based on equal opportunity to be involved, information, objectivity, mutual attention and interest. In the democratic conversation it is important to listen to each other and to explore the best arguments for and against a given topic under discussion.

This sub-project looks at new challenges and new opportunities for the democratic conversation. This is done firstly in a sub-project on "Non-knowledge, knowledge and the public sphere", which takes a closer look at the challenges of non-knowledge to the public sphere and democratic conversation. A key question here is: What do we do when we haven’t got sufficient knowledge about a given topic, but may still be forced to make decisions about it? How do we facilitate – on these premises of insufficient knowledge – a democratic conversation on the topic before we make decisions?

Second, this project also examines the new challenges and opportunities for democratic conversation in a sub-project on "Danish MPs and social media." The project explores which social media Danish MPs are using, in what ways and to what extent? The focus is on the conversation that takes place on the politicians' Facebook pages between politicians and citizens.