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Denmark in a citizenship perspective – Opening speeches and opening debates in the Danish Folketing, 1953-2012

All political practice is implicitly or explicitly linked to ideologies understood as more or less coherent ideas and ideals of how society is and should be functioning.

This project will analyse both the change of the Danish political-ideological landscape since 1953 and its current appearance.
The background to that endeavour is partly that it represents a neglected field of research and partly that the changes in recent years, in both political left- and right-wing positions, have left a blurred picture of the ideological underpinning of current political practice.

My main ambition is to generate more transparency and thus contribute to the qualification of public political debate.

The main source of the analyses will be the opening speeches and connected debates in the Danish Folketing. The primary reason is that the opening speech constitutionally is meant to combine general political statements with suggestions aiming at distinct political problem-solving.
Moreover, the regularity of the speech offers a unique opportunity for systematic observations of changes over time.

This applies to both changes in the speech and the connected opening debate as an institution and in the political-ideological substance.