Social Movements and the Democratic Public Sphere

Open seminar arranged by AU IDEAS Pilot Centre The Democratic Public Sphere

19.02.2013 | Betina Ramm

Dato fre 08 mar
Tid 09:15 12:00
Sted Langelandsgades Kaserne, Langelandsgade 139, building 1586, room 114


 9.15: Welcome and introduction


 9.20: Dieter Rucht, Social Science Research Centre, Berlin:

The Public Sphere as a Field of Struggle



10.00: Thomas Olesen, Department of Political Science, AU:

Activism and a global public sphere: Some examples from the Arab Spring



10.40: Break


10.50: Silas Harrebye, Institute for Society and Globalisation, RUC:

How do we measure success? The experimental value of Occupy Wall Street



11.30: General discussion